What’s It All About?

Sunthru’s monolithic aerogel prototype displays remarkable transparency. An aerogel is a solid material of extremely low density, produced by removing the liquid component from a conventional gel. Silica aerogels have a porous silicon dioxide matrix, and are amorphous rather than crystalline materials.

Sunthru has developed the capability to make monolithic silica aerogel. These single-piece aerogels have good optical transparency and low thermal conductivity, which makes them ideally suitable for daylighting applications.

The function of daylighting windows is to bring natural light into buildings, resulting in a more pleasant and productive environment. Our monolithic aerogels transmit significantly more light and are more transparent than current aerogel window products, which use granular aerogels. This optical advantage, combined with the superior insulating properties of silica aerogel, opens new markets in all climates. Schools, gymnasiums, workshops, department stores, and other large buildings could implement this technology.